Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quartz Mountain

On June 13th I went to Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute. The reason I went was to strengthen my skills on my viola and to grow as an artist. The camp was two weeks long! I was honored to be around such great artists. The people there were so talented! I can't believe I even got into the institute. Over 1,300 people tried out and only 260 made it in! All these students were there for different reasons. Such as, orchestra, choral, acting, creative writing, film and video, and photography. There were 92 orchestra kids and I was one of them. The music was so challenging! At the end of the first week, we had a concert that featured two movements composed by Jerod Tate, a fellow oklahoman. We also played the Scheherazade. I loved playing the Scheherazade. If you don't know the story behind the piece, then you need to look it up. It is such a cool story! The second week we played Symphonie Fantastique. That piece was so hard. This piece all by itself was about 40 minutes long. It was interesting playing the concerts in the PAC because it was so hot in there. By the end of the piece everyone including the conductor was dripping with sweat. *yuck* The first week was horrible. I was so homesick and i was struggling with my hypoglycemia. I was shaky and feeling like I was going to puke all the time. Being homesick didn't help with it either. I cried every morning of the first week. Before my roommates woke up, I would cry and get it over with. The first couple of days I wasn't eating very much because everytime I took a bite my throat would choke up because I was trying to hold back tears. But that Saturday and Sunday I got to see my mom and dad. That made me feel a lot better. The second week was better because I knew I would see my mom with in the same week. Also, I was more familiar with the routine and the food. Needless to say, the second week rocked! I would go back again, plus I have to go back because I promised my roommates that I would.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Am I Spoiled?

If I just asked you, "Am I spoiled?" How would you answer? Most everyone I know says that I'm spoiled. I am spoiled though, I live in a wonderful home with wonderful parents that love me very much. I also have a sister who, even though we have our rough patches, loves me inside and out. I love my family, my home, my pets, my friends, and my oppurtunity to have a great education. I am very spoiled. Although I know many spoiled people. I am not the only spoiled one in my home, my city, or the world, ok? My mom always offers to buy me stuff and most often I turn her down and say that I can pay for it myself. I don't ask for alot. I don't have texting, I don't have my own computer (per se), and I don't have tons of stilettos or Uggs. Most girls at my school have there own iPhone, their own computer, they have texting, and they have fifty pair of stilettos and other expensive shoes/clothing. Now call me crazy but my definition of spoiled is getting everything you want and having your mom and dad pay for everything that you want or need. Spoiled means that you have most of the luxurious items that I mentioned above. Now, do I fit that description? I just read this aloud to my sister and she said that it's sad that I think that I have to have fifty pairs of shoes to like my life. I want everyone to understand that I do love my life, and I don't have to have fifty pairs of shoes to love it. I told my sister that my point wasn't to say that, I hate my life because I don't get everything that I want. My point was that I'm tired of people calling me spoiled. I am not spoiled! Who do people think they are that they have the right to call ME spoiled. People always tell me that I am either spoiled or a brat, and let me tell you I am not. Those "spoiled" girls at school get bad grades, get in trouble often, and don't give an effort in the school work. So what people are doing when they call me spoiled is they are comparing me to them. I make awesome grades, I never get in trouble and I work so, so hard to make the grades that I make. So if I am spoiled I think I deserve it for working so hard and being an A-plus student. Because I get these great grades and work hard, I do think that I should be somewhat spoiled. So forgive me for getting what I deserve, If I am in fact so spoiled.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What will I do?

A common question for young adults or teenagers is, "What am I gonna be when I grow up?" Most people say that they're just gonna go with the flow and see where they end up. I am a major planner! I have to know what I'm going to be doing and when I'm going to be doing it. So as a planner, I have already thought out how I hope for my life to end up. I am going to be a neonatal nurse. If I am still in Oklahoma, I will be at Saint John's Hosital. I am going to help premature babies. I was a premature baby myself and for about eighteen months now I feel like this is my calling. I will get to wear scrubs, that show my colorful personality, each day and be around babies all day long. To me that sounds so wonderful. Everyone says that this job will be difficult and challenging to deal with. Even though they say that it will be hard, I have confidence in myself that I will be able to do it. I know that I will see some little helpless babies pass away and that will pain me so much to see that happen. At the same time I will help babies graduate from the NICU and that will make me so happy and proud that I could make that big of a difference in a family.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Break

I am soooo not looking foward to this winter break. I will be spending it working on a project for history. My project is over Clara Barton. You would think that researching Clara Barton would be sort of cool because Clara Barton is at least a half way interesting person, but no. To me any type of research is very boring. I will also be staying here, at my home for my wonderful break. My mom said that we might be able spend it in Colorado, but no. Oh how I wish to go to Colorado. Just get away from troubles, family, friends, and just be alone with my mom, dad, and sister.


HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, yes ladies and gentlemen i do put that on almost every message, email, IM, text message, etc. that i send. When people put these happy remarks before, after, or in the middle of their statements does that really mean that their happy? I personally put letters in caps, or i do HEHEHE or HAHAHA. That doesn't mean that I am really happy all the time. All my friends say that I am happy all the time, which i guess is a good thing. Most of the time when I do that its because its habit or because I really am in a good mood. In my opinion doing the HEHE or the HAHA is good because it brightens people's days. Although, now that I seem to be happy all of the time, now i can't be calm or else I will seem sad. One day if I am tired or something, my friends will ask me why I am sooooooo sad. Then I have to explain to them that I'm not sad I'm just tired. I think that people shouldn't have such high expectations. Just because I am overly happy one day doesn't mean that I can't be calmer the next day. Right? I mean I can have chocolate one day and vanilla the next. Yum, vanilla and chocolate!