Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Break

I am soooo not looking foward to this winter break. I will be spending it working on a project for history. My project is over Clara Barton. You would think that researching Clara Barton would be sort of cool because Clara Barton is at least a half way interesting person, but no. To me any type of research is very boring. I will also be staying here, at my home for my wonderful break. My mom said that we might be able spend it in Colorado, but no. Oh how I wish to go to Colorado. Just get away from troubles, family, friends, and just be alone with my mom, dad, and sister.


HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, yes ladies and gentlemen i do put that on almost every message, email, IM, text message, etc. that i send. When people put these happy remarks before, after, or in the middle of their statements does that really mean that their happy? I personally put letters in caps, or i do HEHEHE or HAHAHA. That doesn't mean that I am really happy all the time. All my friends say that I am happy all the time, which i guess is a good thing. Most of the time when I do that its because its habit or because I really am in a good mood. In my opinion doing the HEHE or the HAHA is good because it brightens people's days. Although, now that I seem to be happy all of the time, now i can't be calm or else I will seem sad. One day if I am tired or something, my friends will ask me why I am sooooooo sad. Then I have to explain to them that I'm not sad I'm just tired. I think that people shouldn't have such high expectations. Just because I am overly happy one day doesn't mean that I can't be calmer the next day. Right? I mean I can have chocolate one day and vanilla the next. Yum, vanilla and chocolate!