Thursday, December 18, 2008


HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, yes ladies and gentlemen i do put that on almost every message, email, IM, text message, etc. that i send. When people put these happy remarks before, after, or in the middle of their statements does that really mean that their happy? I personally put letters in caps, or i do HEHEHE or HAHAHA. That doesn't mean that I am really happy all the time. All my friends say that I am happy all the time, which i guess is a good thing. Most of the time when I do that its because its habit or because I really am in a good mood. In my opinion doing the HEHE or the HAHA is good because it brightens people's days. Although, now that I seem to be happy all of the time, now i can't be calm or else I will seem sad. One day if I am tired or something, my friends will ask me why I am sooooooo sad. Then I have to explain to them that I'm not sad I'm just tired. I think that people shouldn't have such high expectations. Just because I am overly happy one day doesn't mean that I can't be calmer the next day. Right? I mean I can have chocolate one day and vanilla the next. Yum, vanilla and chocolate!

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  1. People get used to the norm. Your norm is peppy. So they just expect to see that from you. Over time, they will learn to really KNOW you, and won't question it so much.