Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What will I do?

A common question for young adults or teenagers is, "What am I gonna be when I grow up?" Most people say that they're just gonna go with the flow and see where they end up. I am a major planner! I have to know what I'm going to be doing and when I'm going to be doing it. So as a planner, I have already thought out how I hope for my life to end up. I am going to be a neonatal nurse. If I am still in Oklahoma, I will be at Saint John's Hosital. I am going to help premature babies. I was a premature baby myself and for about eighteen months now I feel like this is my calling. I will get to wear scrubs, that show my colorful personality, each day and be around babies all day long. To me that sounds so wonderful. Everyone says that this job will be difficult and challenging to deal with. Even though they say that it will be hard, I have confidence in myself that I will be able to do it. I know that I will see some little helpless babies pass away and that will pain me so much to see that happen. At the same time I will help babies graduate from the NICU and that will make me so happy and proud that I could make that big of a difference in a family.


  1. I think that's a grand calling. You will most def rock @ being a nurse!

  2. It's awesome you have already found something you are passionate about. My cousin is a labor and delivery nurse and LOVES it. This is a good time to really research the field!